Blind Lake Vokštelis

There are several lakes, referred to as aklaežeris – ‘a blind lake’ – in Lithuania. Vokštelis awaits you in Telšiai district. This overgrown (thus – ‘blind’) lake is of an indescribable beauty. Its name could also refer to the idea that its water used to be used to treat eye illnesses. People also use sayings like ‘the eye of the lake’ or ‘eyes like lakes’. You could say that an overgrown lake becomes blind. The lake begins with a source, which brings water, creating a small pool. The water is detained there as a small lake and the excess runs down in a small rivulet. The lake is rich with an abundance of lush green plants and roots. The blind Lake Vokštelis is a truly attractive site for anyone visiting Telšiai district.

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