Daumantai Exposure
Daumantai Exposure, situated on the shore of the river Šventoji, near the village Daumantai is one of the most overwhelming exposures in Lithuania, perfectly revealing the history of the formation of the Earth, witnessing millions of years. As hard it may be to believe, the district of Anykščiai used to be covered in white sand two million years ago. Just take a closer look to the Daumantai Exposure. Even three different geological layers are visible there. Some of them have formed 1, 8 – 0, 8 million years ago. Even two water springs are bursting from the ground nearby. Sandstone is exposed at the lower part it. And on top of it there’s quartz sand, which is considered the most important subsoil treasure of Anykščiai region. Rock strata lying in the exposure stretching for about three hundred meters may be explored climbing up the slope of the river Šventoji. The height of the exposure formed on the high steep is even 27 meters. Once you make it to the top – there’s an observation platform revealing magnificent landscape. Daumantai Exposure was announced a natural heritage in 2013. It can be found going 3 km to the northeast from Kavarskas.

Attractions types : Outcrops, conglomerates
Municipality : Anykščiai District
Koordinatės : 55.445513, 24.985944
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 100
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