Larch of the Degsnė forest

The larch growing at the district of Prienai in the Degsnės forest of Nemunas Loops Regional Park is the highest tree in Lithuania. Its height reaches up to 49 metres. The extent of the trunk is 1, 85 metres. Though such a tree is exquisite in Lithuania, in the forest of Degsnė it’s only a few centimetres higher than the other larches growing here. The height of other trees reaches up to 42 metres.

The mighty tall trees were symbols of strength and mightiness since ancient times. People would gather at them, pray, to this day one would try to absorb the energy and power of tree by nestling up to it.

The larch woods of Degsnė were planted in 1849, more than a hundred and fifty years ago. Now, the larch woods taking an area of three hectares are a botanical reserve. The larches here multiply all by themselves, though it is not common for them to do so in Lithuania.

The highest tree of Lithuania, the Larch Tree of Degsnė, can be found in the district of Prienai. By following the special indexes you should look for the larch woods somewhere between Prienai and Balbieriškis.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Other trees
Municipality : Prienai District
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