The Great Thuja

It’s a natural monument in Kintai town, growing behind the house of forestry unit. Only Switzerland is able to boast a thuja higher than this one. The height of the thuja, growing in Kintai, is around 18 m. The exact date of planting this tree had not been captured. The oldest locals remember this tree as “high” at all times. It is thought that this thuja was planted in some 1902–1912 years, when the house of forestry unit was built.

In 1995, in Kintai arrived the son of the former forester of Kintai – Hubert Lindenau. He was asked about the age of the thuja and told that he knew this tree from the childhood, at those times the tree was for him “a very high tree”. Hubert returned to Germany and asked his mother about the age of the thuja. The wife of the former forester thought that it could be a tree planted by her husband in 1927, when he came to work to Kintai.

Thuja was measured in 2004 on the initiative of employees at Kintai forestry unit. In that year, the tree reached 18.2 m height, trunk diameter at 1.3 m height was 1.02 m, the crown of branches – about 10.5 m, the branches touched the ground.

Every year the thuja grows several centimetres to the height and to the width.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Other trees
Municipality : Šilutė District
Koordinatės : 55.424025, 21.257626
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 321
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