Dubrava Arboretum

Well-known and rare species of plants.  Coniferous and deciduous trees in all colours and shapes, shrubs and subshrubs. Entire collection of woody plants casts a spell of colours and smells on approaching the Arboretum in Dubrava situated in the district of Kaunas.

Botanic gardens dominated by woody plants are called arboretums. The one at Dubrava is unique for Lithuania. It contains over 800 different species and subspecies of plants. Some of them are frequently seen in town gardens, back yards, or grow naturally by roadsides. The rare ones grow only in the area of the arboretum.

The arboretum founded 60 years ago cultivates and protects plants significant in scientific and decorative terms. The place is visited not only by people coming to enjoy the plants or chose something for their front yard. Students of botany are frequent visitors too. At Dubrava, they learn about different species and kinds of plants from life, not from books.

Currently the arboretum covers a territory of 50 ha. Dubrava reserve nature trail leads across the arboretum. Walking in the woods or above the natural raised bog, one can spot different birds, butterflies, insects, hare, fox and deer. In autumn, the place is rich in mushrooms.

Objektas : Parks
Attractions types : Parks
Municipality : Kauno District
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