Gelgaudiškis Pine

The Gelgaudiškis Pine, already counting 300 years, is considered as a beautiful decoration of the Gelgaudiškis Manor Park. Because of its appearance the pine is compared to a musical instrument – the lyre. At a height of about 1, 5 metres the trunk of the old pine branches out into two girths. One of them stretching out to about 8, 5 metres, branches out to another four vertical girths. The total height of the pine reaches over 30 metres.

In ancient times, the territory of the Gelgaudiškis Park, where the beautiful pine is growing, was considered a sacred place. It was believed, that pines heal and provides grace. People would plead pines for health for the ill. Infertile women would hang bead necklaces and ribbons on the pines and would plead intercession. Such pines were protected and worshiped and even when the gentry of Komarai were setting up a classical style park with alleys and ponds, the elderly pine remained untouched.

The Manor Park and the gorgeous pine can be found at Gelgaudiškis, Šakiai district.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Witch’s trees: Pines
Municipality : Šakiai District
Koordinatės : 55.113056, 22.998889
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 174
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