Lampėdžiai Linden-Beauty

In the Lithuanian folklore, lindens are associated with gods of femininity and feminine nature. The Lampėdžiai linden, praised with feminine epithets, is growing near Kaunas. The Lampėdžiai linden of 22 meters in height is titled to be the most beautiful tree in the country and is called The Beauty. The shapes of the tree are exquisite. Long ago, five linden trees were planted in this place. During a long time the trunks grew together, but the five tops remained. The locals are already used to the beauty of the tree and watch the magnificent crown trying to guess the weather. The linden is called the prophet of rain. Whenever the branches become droopy, as if they were languished with misery, raindrops start pouring from the sky. It is the opposite before the drought, the beautiful tree becomes erect, and all of the branches start climbing up.

The Linden-Beauty is counting 250 years already. For those wanting to make sure if it’s still right about the weather, should look for it in Lampėdžiai, which are located near Kaunas.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Laima’s trees: Lindens
Municipality : Kaunas City
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