”Mother” Linden

The “Mother” Linden growing in the Braziūkai village, district of Kaunas, is one of the oldest lindens in Lithuania. It’s about 500 years old. When the Braziūkai village was settling in the forest, the now 26 meter high linden was just a small tree. Other lindens, where owls would nest, grew around. However, in the long term, the trees affected by man and nature decayed. The only “Mother” Linden remained by growing a thick trunk of 8 meters.

Rebels gathered at this linden in 1863. The tree was especially convenient since they could hide there when feeling even the smallest threat. 7 men could fit in the main cavity of the linden. In order to check if anyone was coming, you’d have to climb up the tree hollow. The whole area could be seen through a hole.

The locals would lift up crosses to the long-life tree. From ancient times, lindens were said to be sacred trees. People would pray and seek refuge at them. Nowadays, the gaps of the mother linden are bricked up, but the cross attached to the trunk still remains. The tree is fenced up and looked after.

The “Mother” Linden that has already reached its natural maturity is growing near the main street of Braziūkai village in the district of Kaunas.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Laima’s trees: Lindens
Municipality : Kauno District
Koordinatės : 54.892254, 23.486108
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 135
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