Marios Marl Exposure

In Kuršių Nerija, near the Great dune, with dunes flowing vertically to the sea, a three meter in height Marios Marl Exposure opens up. This greyish, layered hill was formed when the dunes moved to the sea. The moving sand, having come to the shore line of the sea, squeezed a layer of clay to the surface.

That is a rock, called marl, lying in the depths of the sea. The whole shore of the sea is covered with these round pieces of marl.

Marl – a water resistant, medium hardness rock, usually used for construction purposes. Various binding substances are produced from it: cement, lime. However, the smart foresters used marl for the afforestation if the sands.  The mixture of sea marl and sand was poured in the places where trees were to be planted. This rock would reinforce the sands and would help the mountain pines grow.

The Marios Marl Exposure is of 2-3 metres in height, exposed in the Kuršių Nerija National Park, gulf of Parnidis, on the slope of the Great dune.




Attractions types : Outcrops, conglomerates
Municipality : Neringa District
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