Mukuliai Poplar

The poplar growing in the village of Mukuliai, district of Zarasai is counting its second century. It is guessed that the tree admired and protected by the locals was planted in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the famous Russian general Pavel Osipovich Bobrovskij acquired the manor at the Avilys Lake. He would only come to Mukuliai in summer. As there would be enough greenery the general established many pine alleys, planted various exotic trees in the districts of the manor. The now existing poplar started growing next to the manor.

The tree of the willow family is often called by the name of sycamore among the people. Since the old times the trees were thought to be a source of energy and life. Many gathered at them and asked for health or tried to soak up the powers of the tree by just hugging their trunks. In spring, the blossoms of the poplar attract herbalists. Wounds and infections associated with cold are treated with the fragrant blooms.

The old Mukuliai Poplar can be found in the former park of Mukuliai manor, district of Zarasai.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Other trees
Municipality : Zarasai District
Koordinatės : 55.727150, 26.097051
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 148
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