The first outwork of Mastaiciai Mound with outworks and an outer bailey
Also called the first outwork of Narkunai Mound
Mastaiciai village, Kiduliai eldership, Sakiai district

A great complex that is reminiscent of ancient battles is situated in Mastaiciai village of Sakiai district, very close to the River Nemunas. Not only a castle hill stems to the sky, but also two outworks with an outer bailey are here. A landing stage and ship mooring excavation overgrown with sludge is also situated nearby. It witnesses that an important ancient port formerly existed near the fortress.

New Bajerburg Castle of the Teutonic Order stood on Mastaiciai Hill in the 14th century. Other people say that not New Bajerburg Castle, but Christmemel Castle or even Mastas Castle stood here. And yet, not the name of the palace, but its importance is of the greatest interest: even two outworks to serve as structures of the castle defense were built in the Medieval times. They are still surrounded with defensive ditches. There is no wonder that the palace was so well protected: the palace was in the possession of the Teutonic Order that threatened the contemporary Lithuanians. Today the first outwork of Mastaiciai Castle Hill stands surrounded by peaceful silence: deciduous trees grow on its slopes, and only curious people wandering in the surroundings take a walk on the meadow path that crosses the hill. If you will take a closer look, you will recognise a defensive fighting position that is reminiscent of the wars of the last century, and will notice a concrete structure on the side. The latter one was built only several decades ago. It is said that it served as a stage during the events that took place here.

But then, in the ancient time, this place was not as quiet as it is today: during the times of the Teutonic Order the first outwork, and probably the second one, was surrounded with a fence of pointed logs. Guards dressed in armour and carrying swords guarded the fortress’s peace day and night on the other side of this fence. However, the castle was not destined to survive. The fortress was once attacked by fierce Lithuanians who were led by Kaributas: they pulled down lots of trees into the ditches that surrounded the fortress and wanted to burn one of the outworks. The old people cannot remember which exactly outwork, the first or the second, was attacked by Lithuanians, because a dreadful end of the castle is the only thing people are talking about. As the warriors defending the outwork could not withstand attacks of the enemy, they set the fire on an outwork by themselves. Flames leaped at the tower of the castle. The palace immediately turned into a heap of smoking rubble and not even the smallest hint about the power that formerly existed in this place can be found here today…

Objektas : Mounds
Attractions types : Priešpilis EN
Municipality : Šakiai District
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