Ancient port of Mastaiciai Mound with outworks and an outer bailey
Also called an ancient port of Narkunai Mound
Mastaiciai village, Kiduliai eldership, Sakiai district


A great complex that is reminiscent of ancient battles is situated in Mastaiciai village of Sakiai district, very close to the River Nemunas. Not only a castle hill stems to the sky, but also two outworks with an outer bailey are here. A landing stage and ship mooring excavation overgrown with sludge is also situated nearby.

New Bajerburg Castle of the Teutonic Order stood on Mastaiciai Hill in the 14th century. Other people say that not New Bajerburg Castle, but Christmemel Castle or even Mastas Castle stood here. It is hard to say what is the real true. But one thing is clear that the castle was very large and powerful, its towers overlooked far distances of the river and the boats sailing there. There was a wide canal that connected the castle […] with the River Nemunas. The boats from the River Nemunas could get close to the castle. A well equipped harbour was here. There were very little such mounds in Lithuania, or maybe there are no other similar ones. The port that was situated close to the fortress must had been of great importance. The boats probably carried animals, beast fur, grain or honey from Mastaiciai to the other countries and used to bring home iron, copper and silver. According to the old people, there is a sunken castle inside the mound. The princesses formerly lived in the castle. There is a hole in the hill with a hidden gold, and a secret tunnel that leads from the mound to the River Nemunas and then it goes under the river to Skirsnemune village that is located on the opposite bank. Who knows, maybe the port was built here in order it would be easier to carry out the great riches by boats to the other places… The fortress was later attacked by fierce Lithuanians who were led by Kaributas: they pulled down lots of trees into the ditches that surrounded the fortress and wanted to burn an outwork. As the warriors defending the outwork could not withstand attacks of the enemy, they set the fire on an outwork by themselves. Flames leaped at the tower of the castle. The palace immediately turned into a heap of smoking rubble and not even the smallest hint about the power that formerly existed in this place can be found here today. Little has left in the place of the grand harbour: only the receding water, sludge and the edges of the harbour overgrown with trees and bushes. But your imaginations about the superb boats that used to arrive here and the local noblemen waiting for them on the coast will help you to believe in the greatness of history.

Objektas : Mounds
Attractions types : Papilys EN
Municipality : Šakiai District
Koordinatės : 55.078611, 22.912306
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 180
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