Linden of Raudonė

The linden branching out in the park of the Raudonė manor raised the not so pleasant memories to the locals for quite some time. The linden counting four hundred years, has heard the screams of many serfs and its roots soaked up many tears. During the serfdom times, the tree with seven trunks was the place of execution. The cruel local landlords would order to bring the even slightly guilty serfs to the tree. Between the trunks of the tree, at the height of two metres, a metal rod still remains rooted to this day. The serfs and servants, who brought disfavour of the landlords upon themselves, would be hung by hands on the rod and would be whipped. The landlords would watch through a small window in front of the linden, if the punishments they assigned are executed accurately. Now this linden is a memorial for the fallen soldiers.

The branches of the Linden of Raudonė climb up to 31 meters height. The extent of the seven-piece trunk is 1, 3 meters. The crown branches out in such a way, that when the new leaves have sprouted it takes the shape of an egg. The Linden of Raudonė can be seen in the town of Raudonė, district of Jurbarkas, about 40 meters away from the castle.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Laima’s trees: Lindens
Municipality : Jurbarkas District
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