Buckeye of Salantai

The buckeye growing in the park of Salantai town is the thickest living buckeye in Lithuania. Its height reaches up to 28 metres, and the extent of the trunk is 4, 8 metres. It is thought that the buckeye, which has grown such an amazing trunk, is growing here since the establishing of the park of the old manor in 19th century.  Despite its age, the buckeye fascinated with its white blossoms every year.

Since the old days, the blooming of the buckeye was carefully observed by lovers. It was said that whoever falls in love when the buckeye is blooming, their love will be eternal. Others would say buckeyes blooming – high-schoolers kissing.

At first, buckeyes were kept as decorative trees. Later on, the grinded fruits were used as animal feed; from the dried fruits glue for book binding was made. By making a bracelet from the buckeyes, people would wear it on their heads to ease headaches, would strengthen blood vessels or even improve potency by drinking its tea.

The Buckeye of Salantai either blooming with white blossoms or hanging with spiky fruits can be found in Salantai in the district of Kretinga.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Other trees
Koordinatės : 56.056787, 21.563672
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 313
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