Siponys Exposure

You should look for rock of different colours and texture as well as exposures opening up sediment layers while swimming in the river. They usually form on the river banks or ditch slopes. Siponys Exposure can be best seen when swimming in Nemunas Loop near Birštonas.  The exposure of 600 meter length and 35 meters height reveals the period of the last geological development of the Earth, which the scientists call the Quaternary period. Different rocks lie in layers in the exposure like in some kind of a pie: sand, gravel, clay or moraine loam layers. The loam part is the thickest one – there are even 4 different layers of it. Siponys Manor was built on the slope of the exposure opening up the depths of the earth four hundred years ago. The landlord Sipavičius had formed an impressive lime tree park, and had planted the alley of 200 meters leading to the manor with maples. Even now you can smell lime trees and manna here. You can enjoy the marvellous views of Siponys Exposure on the right slope of Nemunas River valley in Syponys village, the forest of Trakeliai.


Attractions types : Outcrops, conglomerates
Municipality : Birštonas City
Koordinatės : 54.511894, 23.995558
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 116
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