Exposure of Škėvonys

The Exposure of Škėvonys located in Nemunas Loops Regional Park opened up due to the water of the river Nemunas intensely demolishing the slope of Škėvonys Ridge. This is one of the most valuable geological objects in northwest Europe, providing geologists and scientists with useful knowledge about the icing processes of the earth. The exposure stretching for more than a half of kilometre and of 33 meters of height provides extremely clear view of the layers of the sediments of the last two glacial periods and an interglacial period. Taking a closer look you will be able to see redly brown and yellow belt several meters above the water – it is extremely rare remaining weathering crust of the earth. The thickness of it here reaches even two and a half of meters.  You can enjoy the unusual view of the exposure stretching for approximately half a kilometre swimming the river as well as walking down the recreational path of Škėvonys or simply resting in the resort of Giraitiškės located on the other side of the river. The dry meadows of Panemunė is situated near the Exposure of Škėvonys, where you can enjoy a great variety of plants, butterflies, insects and other kinds of fauna. You will find the Exposure of Škėvonys on the right bank of the river Nemunas in Birštonas municipality, at halfway between Prienai and Birštonas. It belongs to Nemunas Loops Regional Park.

Attractions types : Outcrops, conglomerates
Municipality : Birštonas City
Koordinatės : 54.604676, 24.005806
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 94
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