The Oak of Skliausčiai

The oak of Skliausčiai growing in the Regional Park of Varniai in the district of Telšiai is dialectally called the strongest tree. The diameter of it reaches 1, 8 meters.

Centenarian oaks used to be worshiped and considered sacred in Lithuania. People used to pray for them. However, not only the gods living there would answer the prayers, but the tree itself used to be beneficial as well. Before the potato cultivation time in the 18th century acorns used to be the main feed for pigs. Upon famine the flour of dried acorns used to be mixed even in bread. Roasted acorns and still being used as a substitute for coffee. Fresh oak barks are irreplaceable for the healers and doctors. Inflammations used to be reduced using the decoctions and compresses of the oak barks, and it would stop the bleeding.

The oak of Skliausčiai acknowledged as the natural monument can be found in the village of Skliausčiai in the district of Telšiai.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Perkuna’s trees: Oaks
Municipality : Telšiai District
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