The Thick Linden of Klaipėda

One of the oldest lindens in Lithuania the Thick Linden of Klaipėda has been fighting for its survival for the last few years. The experts are taking all the measures to protect the 300 year old three. The tree is growing near one of the main roads. When managing the environment and raking leaves thoroughly, its site was extremely exhausted, the tree was lacking nutrition. When protecting the tree from the city and the people, the territory was fenced. The concrete fillings were removed from the cavities of the trunk of the linden.

Lindens have been protected and respected in Lithuania since the old ages. They have been said to be sacred. The tree was worshipped and sacrifices were brought to it. And in return, medicine was made from their leaves, blossoms and branches. The village healers would reduce temperature and treat coughing with lindens. The linden blossoms were also used for beauty, reducing hair loss or taking care of face skin.

The linden, which received the name of being the thickest, looks as if it is made up of three trunks. One of them is straight, the other two are leaning. The extent of all three reaches up to 6 meters. Its height is 15 meters. The linden can be seen in Klaipėda, in the junction of Minijos and Bijūnai streets.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Laima’s trees: Lindens
Municipality : Klaipėda City
Koordinatės : 55.70001, 21.13608
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 308
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