Freshwater Springs in the Gražutė Regional Park

Just with the mention of the district of Zarasai, we imagine blue lakes, springs, rivers.

We can almost smell the woods. If you are visiting in Zarasai, swing by the Gražutė Regional Park which is 1.5 km (about a mile) away from Antalieptė. It is an area of exceptional beauty, highly valued by local population and lovingly dubbed by them as ‘Šveicarka’ (‘Little Switherland’). They truly believe that their freshwater springs are exceptional. The ‘Šveicarka’ spring is also there with its rejuvenating impact upon the ground. Since ancient time, the spring water was regarded as having healing properties. If you do not believe that you should try out that water yourself. Local people also believe that the water there is special due to the contents of iron in it, and because of that it seems as if the spring is always bubbling.

Objektas : Water
Attractions types : Šaltiniai EN
Municipality : Zarasai District
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