Taikūnai Pine

The Taikūnai Pine growing on the slope of Lake Vilkaitis branches out to the height of 20 metres. With its trunk, the thickness of which is about three metres, it leans towards the lake bridge.

The pines growing near water bodies have been especially worshiped since the ancient times. It is believed that deities live or reveal themselves in such pines. Chapels are lifted and crosses are hanged in these pines since the old times. A wooden cross with a cut out tin canopy is affixed to the Taikūnai Pine as well. Roofed pillar-type cross made of dark coloured tree is spaded next to the pine. It is dedicated to commemorate the partisans of Dainava district. A bunker was dug out about three metres away from the pine. The two partisans, Antanas Valionis, whose pseudonym was Fern (orig. Papartis) and Albinas Sakalauskas, whose pseudonym was Storm (orig. Audra) hiding in the bunker, perished in February of 1949. Currently, only a pit of 2 meters in width remains in the place of the bunker.

The Taikūnai Pine, growing in the district of Lazdijai, can be found on the south-west slope of Lake Vilkaitis, while driving via a forest road toward the village of Taikūnai.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Witch’s trees: Pines
Municipality : Lazdijai District
Koordinatės : 54.067753, 23.773839
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 140
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