The Lašiniai conglomerate exposure

There isn‘t a more Lithuanian food than smoked bacon salo. Fat as white as snow, a brownish, crusty skin, the tasty aroma of the smoke, the smell of juniper.

The largest ingot of sedimentary rock, conglomerate, at the Lašiniai Exposure conglomerate is called the Lašiniai slab. It was told, that a long time ago, at this place, on a cold winter, a man was crossing the frozen Nemunas and fell through. Trying to save himself he grabbed whatever he could. He threw the “skilandis” that he was carrying, as an anchor to the side of the ice and the salo slab caught to something. The “skilandis” slipped back in the water. He managed to get out of the freezing water by holding tight to the salo slab. The life saving salo (lašiniai) gave name to the settlement and to the conglomerate exposure that appeared here. Larger and smaller fragments of lime cobblestone conglomerate are scattered along the whole bottom of the stone ravine.  Year after year, the groundwater and rain erode the rocks looming at the Lašiniai Exposure, scouring caves here and there. Next to the exposure, looms the Lašiniai boulder and the Lašiniai hillfort, from the top of which a magnificent view going beyond the neighbourhood of Kaišiadorys.

The Lašiniai conglomerate exposure is at the Lašiniai village, Strėva landscape conservation, Kauno Marios Regional Park. Extreme challenges await those who wish to admire the gaping rocks, caves, artistically layered textures of rocks. You’ll have to walk through natural wildlife path, make way through fallen trees, dried river. Stairs are set up in the most extreme and steep places.




Attractions types : Outcrops, conglomerates
Municipality : Kaišiadoris District
Koordinatės : 54.810844, 24.257219
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 80
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