The Pūčkoriai Exposure

The Pūčkoriai Exposure rising to 65 metres in height is the highest exposure in Lithuania. The flowing waters of giant glacier rivers formed it. In the deepest river bed now flows Vilnia.

The slopes of the exposure are like a painting of an artist, unusual ornaments of the nature are observed – layers of different rocks wrinkled and spun in circles. Some are horizontal; others are turned, curved in lumps. That’s the work of the glaciers that covered the Earth later on. Having caught a piece of rock, twisted it violently.

Sediments, in which the residue of ancient fauna was observed, reaching to the times of the dinosaurs, were found in the Pūčkoriai exposure.

Looking beyond from the Pūčkoriai exposure – charming scenery appears. On a clear day, the neighbourhoods of Vilnius, bends of Vilnia river, hills and forests, Pūčkoriai manor and even the former cannon foundry, can be seen.

You’ll find the Pūčkoriai exposure at the Pavilniai Regional Park, in the Eastern part of Vilnius city. When you visit the capital of Vilnius, do not pass by this special place.






Attractions types : Outcrops, conglomerates
Municipality : Vilnius City
Koordinatės : 54.692171, 25.352991
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 6
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