The Stone of the Plains

Stones are the guardians of silent stories. It‘s not only that they hide the entrance to the underworld, but, as people say, there are often amazing riches buried underneath them:

One poor man had such a dream on three nights: Go to Vilnius and you’ll find money there on the bridge. So he went there and was walking on the bridge when he saw some old man sitting there. And the old man asks him: – What are you looking for? Have you lost something? – No, I haven’t, but I had a dream that I will find money here.  – There’s no point in heeding the dreams. I had the same dream once as well, so that in this and that place, under this and that stone money lie. Neither I know such place, nor do I go looking for it.  The man was thrilled – this place was exactly on his lands. After he got back home, he went to this stone and found buried money there.

It is believed that the Stone of the Plains (Lygumų akmuo), looming in the forest of Stelmužė, also hides many treasures underneath itself: “This stone lies here since the Great Deluge, and wonderful treasures lie beneath it”.

If you wish to reach the treasure of the Stone of the Plains, you will really have to put some efforts in it. Some say that even 50 hunters who once gathered here to discuss matters used to be able to climb on that stone.

It’s hard to say to what extent this stone yields to his brother Puntukas, since the major part of it is concealed underground and covered with trees.
The size of the visible part of the boulder is 7,34×4 m, its height is 2, 25 m. There’s an indentation on the top of it.
You can find the Stone of the Plains while walking in the forest of Stelmužė, 1, 1 km to the West from Stelmužė.



Objektas : Stones
Municipality : Zarasai District
Koordinatės : 55.831653, 26.197423
Aukštis : 2,25 m
Dydis : matomos dalies dydis 7,34x4 m
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 161
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