The stones of Kovaičiai

The faith of the ancient Lithuanians in stones, their magical powers and importance was so intense, that even today we say “lift a stone, find a coin”, “a stone can grow even without roots”, “on a busy day even a stone moves”.

However, stones used to move not only during the busy days. Our old ones used to believe that stones are alive. Just like people they travel, have families, grow… Stones are growing three days a year. But only the stones that are not being moved can grow. As soon as someone touches them, they stop growing.

One of those stones-travellers – the stones of Kovaičiai.

People helped the stones of Kovaičiai to change their location after all. Meliorators found the stones in fields and brought them to the roadsides. In this way even three boulders are looming in the Kovaičiai village – the 1st Stone of Kovaičiai, called the Steep, the 2nd Stone of Kovaičiai, called the Sloping, and the 3rd Stone of Kovaičiai. All of them lie next to each other just like a family, making the village of Kovaičiai famous.

The Steep stone is the highest one is the district, the Sloping – the longest, and the third on – the widest.


Objektas : Stones
Attractions types : Other extraordinary stones
Municipality : Kaišiadoris District
Koordinatės : 54.740421, 24.327895
Aukštis : 3,62 m
Ilgis : 2,94 m
Plotis : 1,91 m
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 79
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