Elm of Trakiai

The Elm growing at Trakiai is classified as the trees- giants. The age of the elm reaches about 250 years. The tree climbs to a height of 23 meters. It would take a few men to embrace the trunk of the tree. The thickness of the trunk is 6, 6 m.

The mighty trees where worshipped, sung about and told about by the Lithuanians from the ancient times. It is told about one of the elm trees that when the soldiers were fleeing they buried a lot of gold under the roots of the elm and cursed it. After some time the place became haunted. It is said, that when driving by at night, something hits you in the eyes with a branch. Afterwards someone saw money burning in that place, but no one dared to dig so that nothing bad would happen.

Since the old times, elm trees were planted for the afforestation of cities and villages, they also grow on the slopes of rivers and deciduous forests. According to the usual age of the trees, the elm of Trakiai is well matured. Usually the elms live up to 300-500 years.  

The Elm of Trakiai can be found in Trakiai, district of Klaipėda.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Other trees
Municipality : Klaipėda District
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