Park of Veisiejai Estate (Lazdijai District Municipality)

The park of Veisiejai estate is among the oldest parks in Lithuania. The first trees were planted around 1743. At that time, Hetman Mykolas Masalkis built a manor house there and had a park landscaped. The greenery between the manor house and the lake was planted according to geometric patterns. When in the 19th century the estate passed over to the Oginski family, the park was redesigned according to the English style. A pool connected to the lake was dug in the park, and a bridge was built across it. It was called a love bridge. One who steps on it with a love-related wish, can hope it will come true.

Over two thousand different species of trees grow in the 9.53 ha-large park. The 200-year-old ash tree must be the oldest one among them. It would take several people to hug the five meters of the tree trunk. Even more people would have to encircle the linden trees growing in the park. In contrast to other parks, the linden alley here is circular in shape. Twenty-two little-leaf linden are planted in a circle near the dock.

The famous doctor and linguist Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof who lived in Veisiejai  used to spend time in the shady estate park on a hot day and have himself cheered up by birdsong. In 1885, in Veisiejai, he completed writing a textbook of the Esperanto language. A monument to Zamenhof has been built in the park.

Parts of the park were devastated during the First and the Second World wars. It has now been restored. There is enough space among the ancient trees for a football stadium as well as for volley-ball and basketball fields. It is also an outdoor venue of song and dance festivals.

Objektas : Parks
Attractions types : Parks
Municipality : Lazdijai District
Koordinatės : 54.099565, 23.692610
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 139
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