Vosgėlių stone

Did you know? At the beginning of the world, the main task of the devils was….to carry stones.  “When God created the earth, there were stones everywhere. Then God called the devils to collect those stones and carry them to the sea. And so the little devils kept collecting them.”

The wicked one carried stones often, and would carry them to block or break the doors of the church or maybe even to destroy the whole church. That’s how Vosgėlių stone appeared in its place.

„The four devils, carried the stone, hand in hand, to break the doors of the church, but the stone dropped from their hands and was left stuck in the ground to this day.“

48 small holes can be seen on the surface of the stone. These are not the magical bowls, where the healing water accumulates. These are not imprints left by the witches or devils. People, who wanted to split the stone, left these imprints here. The stone couldn’t be split, but the marks remained.

The Vosgėlių stone lies in the village of Vosgėliai, Utena district and is the eight largest stone in Lithuania. Its height from the surface of the ground is 3,23 m, length – 7,61 m and width – 5,21 m. In order to encircle this stone, it would take around 13 people, since its diameter is an amazing 18,55 m.



Objektas : Stones
Municipality : Molėtai District
Koordinatės : 55.463333, 25.525000
Aukštis : virš žemės paviršiaus yra 3,23 m
Ilgis : 7,61 m
Plotis : 5,21 m
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 93
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