New project – virtual help for the ones traveling across Lithuania

Every traveller knows that a well-though out route is already half the success of the trip. And if you’d look into the history of the famous objects, you will make the best not only of your own time but of your fellow travellers as well. It is way easier for the independent travellers to plan their trip to the famous places of Lithuania now – all you have to do is visit the website

A new virtual project provides information about various natural and historical monuments attractively and explicitly. Here you will find the objects of Lithuanian natural heritage divided into categories: stones, trees, bodies of water, islands and peninsulas, pits and caves, hills and cliffs, dunes, exposures, mounds, parks and torture sites of guerrillas. Each object has its own description. Interesting history details, stories and legends are provided for some of them. Look into them and a simple stone to be visited will become the altar of the ancient pagans, a huge tree will become a sacred symbol of fertility, and a pit will become the feast place of the devils and witches. Lithuanians have been a people not lacking fantasy and imagination from the very ancient times. Use it and with the help of the stories of the ancestors you will make your trip more colourful.

You will also find plenty of unique high definition photos. The authors of the project had to wade through the swamps and forests and lurk for hours to take a shot in the wilderness in order to take some of those photos. The website also provides video material about the places to be visited.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to audio guide stories about the places and objects to be visited as well. If you travel by car, surprise your fellow travellers and approaching some object turn on the audio guide and prepare for the destination of your trip.

A convenient search system on the website will be really helpful for those who plan their route. You can use it in several ways. Enter the territory you’re interested in and the search system will show you the objects to be visited nearby on the map. If you click on each of them, you will get a more detailed description. You can also carry out the search on the object, if you know what you’d like to see but you don’t have the coordinates.

The authors of the project wish you to have a great time and the most impressive trips!