The Brown Fount

The forests and water bodies in the district of Zarasai are truly astounding. This area abounds in lakes and fresh water sources. The Brown Fount in a little town of Salakas is one of those numerous springs. The water is stinging cold and has a characteristic taste. The stones that surround the spring are of unique colour as nature has painted them the colour of rust. This is how the name of the spring originated, the Brown Fount. The characteristic odour which is always there shows to the presence of rust in the water. The analysis of the water has shown a great number of various mineral salts and minerals in it which determine its healing properties. In nearby fields, rock fragments are found typical for the areas of iron ore processing. Thus one might guess that ancient Lithuanians were mining iron ore in this area.

Objektas : Water
Attractions types : Versmės EN
Municipality : Zarasai District
Koordinatės : 55.573289, 26.143353
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 142
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