The Rokai Exposure

Exposures – are the eye-catching ornaments of nature and a source of knowledge. The layers counted in hundreds give away the secret of how the temperatures changed, what flora and fauna were abundant millions of years ago.

The Rokai Exposure, rising at the margins of the Kaunas city, allows us to take a look back 75 thousand years back, when even a few glaciers, freezing everything and melting again, passed here, during the change in temperatures. The Rokai Exposure, being one of the fullest in Europe, covers the middle and late ice ages of the Nemunas. In the Baltics there are only three such exposures.

The beauty of the Rokai Exposure can be seen best from the embankment near by: down below the Rokai neighbourhood can be seen, the Jiesia river winding by, with scarps washed away by the water and the wind. The entangled semicircle of the outcrop is surrounded by the Jiesia landscape discovery path.

You’ll find the Rokai Exposure with its layers gaping on the bend of the Jiesia river at Rokai, Kaunas district.


Attractions types : Outcrops, conglomerates
Municipality : Kaunas City
Koordinatės : 54.847306, 23.934806
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 110
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