Mokas And Mokiukas Boulders
People turned to stones. They were alive once – they laughed, cried, loved. Put under a spell – turned to stone to this day condemned to live like this for eternity. Mokas and Mokiukas lying next to the lake of Tauragnas are reminding of their history.

A long time ago, a man named Mokas lived. He had a wife and a son. The family of Mokas was hard-working and they worked for the whole kind. However, Mokas was disappointed with the laziness of other people and stopped working himself. People started to be angry at him, therefore, Mokas had to move somewhere else. Together with his wife and son he travelled towards the North. But the lake of Tauragnas got in the way and they needed to swim across it. Mokas taught his wife and son to swim and not to look back. The son listened, but Mokienė didn’t and she drowned. Mokas cried standing on the shore until he turned to stone. He still stands there to this day. Mokienė stayed at the bottom of Tauragnas – a large stone, where fishermen tear their nets often.

This was the last stop of Mokas and Mokiukas. Locals say that Mokas was a wise old man always giving advice. Even to this day it is said that when you come to a crossroad of life, the smartest answer will come if you sit at the stone of Mokas. These two massive boulders stand in the territory of the Aukštaitija National Park, Šeimaties village. The stone of Mokas looks like a cut cone. Its length is 6 meters and height – 4 meters. The boulder is stuck deep into the ground. Next to it – a smaller stone – his son Mokiukas.

Objektas : Stones
Attractions types : People turned into stones
Municipality : Utena District
Koordinatės : 55.165272, 24.649649
Aukštis : 4 m
Ilgis : 6 m
Destination to Vilnius (km) : 79
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