The Oak of Glitiškės

The oak growing in the district of Vilnius in the territory of Glitiškės manor has been long considered to be the place for gathering. It was not only a dating place for the youth of the manor. It was also a place where people used to gather to express their discontent against their landlord in 1831. Upon gathering they used to discuss the way they could fight back the tsarist oppression. Finally they gathered by the oak in the same year and took off to Vilnius to join the rebels.

Storks have enjoyed the branches of this high distinguishable oak as well. One pair of white storks had been hatching eggs in the same nest for many years. They used to fly away in autumns and come back here in spring. They were going round in circles around the oak in 1975 as well, though this time they chose another tree to settle in. After several days the branch of the oak with an empty nest broke off.

The oak of Glitiškės is considered to be one of the highest one in Lithuania. Its height is 24 meters. The tree does not give in to the other mighty oaks regarding its trunk thickness as well. The extent of it is 7, 4 meters. The oak is the third in size in Lithuania.

The oak acknowledged to be a natural monument grows in the district of Vilnius in the territory of Glitiškės village manor.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Perkuna’s trees: Oaks
Municipality : Vilnius District
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