The Black Poplar of Raudonė

The poplar growing in the park of Raudonė castle attracts with its unusual appearance.  It fascinates with its height. The top of the poplar reaches up to 37 meters. The dimensions of the trunk do not stand down as well. On the bottom, its diameter reaches more than 6 metres. The poplar blooms at the height of 3 metres. Its trunk branches out to three stems.

Black poplars are quite rare in Lithuania. They usually grow in parks and homesteads. It is thought that the black poplar of Raudonė was planted over 200 years ago by the former owners of Raudonė castle. Landowners would usually bring the exotic plant types from abroad. They would invite famous landscape specialists for the planting of the gardens. They would not only admire the rarer or higher trees, but would show off to the guests too.

The black poplar to this day greets the visitors at the very beginning of the path leading to the Raudonė castle.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Other trees
Municipality : Jurbarkas District
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