Pažemio Pine

The massive and magnificent Pažemio Pine branches out in the middle of the fields not far away from the Pažemio forest in the district of Zarasai. The exclusive tree fascinates the locals since the old times. The exact age of the pine is not known. However, according to its appearance it is classified as an old tree.

The evergreen pines are worshiped in Lithuania. It is believed that they are related to the human life. Tales about girls turned to pines were told. Even after many years blood would flow when sawing with a saw, chips would look like pieces of flesh when chopping with an axe. In 19th century it was believed that the souls of women pass to live or spend time in the “purgatories” in the pines.

The Pažemio pine can be seen 300 meters away from the Pažemio forest, district of Zarasai, Degučiai eldership.

Objektas : Trees
Attractions types : Witch’s trees: Pines
Municipality : Zarasai District
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